nudes don't
Satirical children's book inspired by the feedback on DuChamp's Nude Descending a Staircase No 2 that "nudes don't walk down stairs, they recline."​​​​​​​
wonder bricks!
Wonder Bricks! are cloud connected toy blocks that aim to be everything we thought a simple cardboard brick could be. Wonder Bricks! are not the smart toys of the future...they are the modern manifestation of the toys we once loved, and they remind us what it feels like to imagine again. 3 playful blocks can be arranged in 3 different orientations to provide distinct and delightful play experiences: Blast off to space, start a band, or set off in your racecar.
Wonder Bricks! were exhibited as a part of the Nostalgic Futures gallery show at the University of Pennsylvania in the Spring of 2019. Want to see the process and see them in action? Click here
beans, beans, beans
This paste-up of a sexy bean is a street art piece I created in Melbourne, Australia's Hosier Lane. The piece is meant to hold a plurality of ambiguous meanings. It can speak to the objectification of women, beauty standards, feminine performativity, and/or absurdist humor. My reason for using the medium of street art is the way in which the images demand attention from viewers without asking permission to be seen.
fat angel's food truck identity package
Logo, packaging, postcards, and posters for an imagined soul food food truck.
17 & co food truck logo & wrap
17 & co was a food truck based in Los Angeles that serves gourmet junk food. They wanted a logo and wrap that would show both the sophisticated and fun sides of their food. The photos on the right are photos of the real truck, not renderings!
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