Due to privacy reasons, I cannot show the work I produced at Facebook online. However, I will give a short overview of what I did in my time there. I worked on two main internal tools during my internship on the Enterprise Product, Supply Chain Design team: Internal Events Planning and Productivity Tools for Logic Management.
Internal Events Planning Tool
- Acted as lead designer for ongoing UX/UI and functionality support for tool already in production.
- Designed new interface to help service providers assign and re-assign event tickets that was successfully shipped at the end of the summer.
- Re-designed portion of tool to help service providers better manage their notifications when a host changed elements of their event requests.
- Spearheaded a conceptual UX/UI re-design of the whole event planning tool to improve flow and update interfaces to, in the future, be placed in Facebook's online business collaboration tool.​​​​​​​
Productivity Tools for Logic Management
- Co-led UX/UI re-design of a productivity tool that allows business users and engineers to create logic chains for their internal applications.
- Increased the intuitiveness of the UX, which as it currently stood, did not clearly portray how the tool was to be used.
- Current interface is legible by engineers, but it does not make sense to the average business user, lending itself to a redesign of how to build rules and logic chains (my design for rule creation and logic chains is currently being implemented in other tools on the Supply Chain Design team).
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