lover of patterned pants, shirts, + tablecloths.
My journey to product design has been circular, but in a way that keeps building on itself. I started off as a graphic designer, doing freelance work + teaching graphic design to middle schoolers as a high schooler. My college experience pushed me to explore the history of medicine + medical anthropology, where I found my love of ethnographic research. I honed my ability to detect complex problems + patterns, especially for disadvantaged groupsĀ in the medical system.
I fell in love with product design because I get to combine my passions for design + learning deeply about people's behaviors, which is how I ended up sub-matriculating into the Integrated Product Design Program at Penn.
Currently: Finishing my last semester in Penn's Master's in Integrated Product Design Program and leading Digital Product Designer for Elan Unlimited, a yet-to-launch, haircare startup.
When I'm not designing, I'm watching stand-up comedy (some of my favorites right now are Megan Stalter, Ayo Edebiri, + Jo Firestone), cooking, or playing (and watching) soccer.
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